Thursday, 28 August 2008

Artist profile - Maureen Nugent

Maureen Nugent - jewellery

Growing up in Brisbane with three talented sisters, an artist Mother and mechanically minded Father, I began my working life in advertising, and my love for all things ’visually creative’ grew from there.

Having worked with many of the artistic mediums, I finally found my niche in ceramics and Mud Pies Handpainted Ceramics was born. This became my creative outlet for 14 years. The painting of tile murals then led me to painting ‘whimsical’ walls and panoramas in local schools and private homes. Yearning for a new form of self expression, my sister introduced me to lampworking (the making of glass beads using a torch and rods of glass) in 2005. From that day on I have been consumed with passion for glass.

I now work full time from my home-based studio in Melbourne. Even though I have been involved in art & design for most of my working life, having the ability to turn a stick of glass into a beautiful, mesmerizing, wearable object is a magical experience that just grows with each day spent at the flame.. My love of roses and hearts feature strongly in my designs, this is perhaps a reflection of the way I feel about this totally absorbing art form.

Most recent achievement:

Beads Etc. Magazine: Overall Winner of The 2008 Australian Jewellery Designer of the Year Competition

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