Friday, 16 December 2011

Come to Ivanhoe Makers Market for all your Christmas shopping

Sounds like an ad for a shopping centre. It's not! We're full to the brim with people who can talk intelligently and helpfully about the goods they sell, because they make them!

We'll be having a Christmas hamper, full of lovely handmade goods from our stallholders. Tickets are free when you purchase from our stallholders. Just a little thankyou from all of us.

We have two fair trade stalls: Douglas with his amazing beadwork from Zimbabwe, handmade wooden toys from Kelti and April with her textiles from Daughters of Cambodia. Support these wonderful stallholders, knowing you're helping someone with your purchase.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The perfect gift for Christmas

Now, if you're looking for that something really special, these are some of the beautiful articles I found at the last market.

I couldn't help myself, but who can resist a unique, handcrafted, exquisite pieces of jewellery?

We have some wonderful presents for the smaller people in your life, unfortunately, mine are both over 6ft tall!

Scarves are adorning us even as we head into summer. They provide a welcome decoration through the day and double up as useful when the evening gets a little cooler. We have lots of really gorgeous scarves for that summer evening.

We have lots of unusual presents as well, all handmade and with a story, just ask the maker!

And not to be forgotton, we even have something for mans best friend: biscotti.

And when your finished, there's even some lovely herbal teas.

Hope to see you at Ivanhoe on Saturday.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Inexpensive gifts at Ivanhoe Makers Market

If you're looking for that sweet little gift for those special people in your life, I had a look around at the last market and this is what I found. They're all around the $10 mark or under!

There are lots of gorgeous flowers: brooches, headbands, necklaces and silk pins. Strawberries. I'm after the gorgeous chutneys and jams. Earings, button bookmarks, handknit face washers and fridge magnets. For the little ones we have bibs and pencil cases (I love these so much, I have one!) There are lots of pampering sprays, soaps and candles. And to top it all of gorgeous hand made cards.

I've just added the photos as they came, I hope you enjoy them. It was fun looking carefully at the stalls and picking out that little something. If you can't find something as a gift for that special friend, teacher or...., then you're not looking!

Come along on Saturday and find that perfect gift.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas at Ivanhoe Makers Market

 Christmas is officially 'just around the corner', so, of course you can buy unique handmade christmas goodies from Ivanhoe Makers Market.

Want that perfect Christmas cake, Creative Hunger have just the thing, they'll have Christmas puddings, as well at the next market.

It's December, you can put your Christmas tree up now! How about these gorgeous Christmas tree decorations?

On your Christmas table, you can have bonbons, filled with your own treats and NO silly jokes!

And a beautiful Christmas tree for your table.

And we have gorgeous Christmas cards, plenty to choose from.

See you at the next market on the 17th and celebrate with us.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

One wet Saturday

Just wanted to thank all the people who came out on Saturday to our lovely market, on what was a very wet and dreary day. We were full to the brim, having moved some of our stallholders inside, out of the inclement weather. It's funny where you can find extra space!

Did you manage to snap up one the lovely magnets by Kristen, they're very addictive! I have some adorning my fridge. Was she busy!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Beautiful jewellery!

I always say you can't have too many books or jewellery and here at Ivanhoe we have some gorgeous jewellers, all who have been with us for awhile. So, in no particular order, we have:
Shirley Barker with her semi-precious stones. Her colours are always strong and vibrant. Just right for that statement piece.
James Estergard has some amazing sterling silver, and other metal jewellery, really strong design. I have a gorgeous titanium ring with a tiny bolt that I wear almost constantly, it fits with my casual lifestyle,  most of his are fantastic statement pieces.
Kanella Tsirbis is our other metal jeweller and her delicate jewellery is wonderful. There are a couple of pieces that I would love to own and her earings are gorgeous.
Margaret Edwards has beautiful crytal and other beads in beautiful combinations. Just right to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit.
Just for something different, Susie Tschirsch has wonderful fabric japanese jewellery. Amazing to see and a great present for that sister of mine!

As you can see we have a wonderful array of jewellers. I love them all! Come along this Saturday and see if you can find some special presents for that someone special. Hope to see you there!