Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The perfect gift for Christmas

Now, if you're looking for that something really special, these are some of the beautiful articles I found at the last market.

I couldn't help myself, but who can resist a unique, handcrafted, exquisite pieces of jewellery?

We have some wonderful presents for the smaller people in your life, unfortunately, mine are both over 6ft tall!

Scarves are adorning us even as we head into summer. They provide a welcome decoration through the day and double up as useful when the evening gets a little cooler. We have lots of really gorgeous scarves for that summer evening.

We have lots of unusual presents as well, all handmade and with a story, just ask the maker!

And not to be forgotton, we even have something for mans best friend: biscotti.

And when your finished, there's even some lovely herbal teas.

Hope to see you at Ivanhoe on Saturday.

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