Thursday, 26 June 2008

Artist Profile - Jan Kerr

Jan Kerr - Contemporary Decoupage

On the Tiles Craft is the concept of Jan Kerr and is based in Eltham.

Jan has a professional background in Kindergarten teaching and community development with local government.The home based business began in 1996, became full-time after two years and expanded as demand and studio space grew.The finished work is exhibited and sold through maker's markets and country galleries.

Pre-fired standard tiles in various sizes are used to make feature tiles, trivets, framed tiles, coasters, fridge magnets, pendants and brooches. Tablemat and coaster sets, trays, crosses, mirrors and plaques are made using wood. Personalised items, such as name brooches, house number tiles, boxes, clocks and albums are made on application.The work involves the application of handpainted images from decoupage papers and acrylic paint to the tiles and wooden items, then finished with epoxy resin to give a hardened, heatproof surface. The designs are stylish and contemporary to trends, creating a wide range of product, themes and tonings. On the Tiles aspires to high quality work with attention to customer needs, without compromising the enjoyment of the creative process and the handcrafted technique. Each item is created individually and most designs are unique to On the Tiles style.

On the Tiles – self-managed business

Design and create decorative tiles, placemats, coasters, trays and other items, including custom made.
Market range of work and sell to galleries.
Direct sales at quality maker's markets.
Teach classes in contemporary decoupage.
Showcase and sale of work, as part of 'Celebrate Australia' Exhibition in Singapore 2003.
Research source of supplies to develop new items for the range.

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