Friday, 20 September 2013

Springtime in Ivanhoe

The weather might not be as good as the best Melbourne can offer, but at Ivanhoe Market we're feeling in good spirits and have some excitement to share.

We've always felt that our market is more than a place to sell and buy gorgeous handmade goods, we feel it's a community. So we're trying to add extra activities each month to make your visit just that little bit more interesting.

Last month it was spinning with Teresa, this month we have several vintage, retro, pre-loved clothing for you to have a look at. Maybe find just the right piece for the Spring. It has to be just around the corner!

Next month, we're going to have a children's jewellery workshop with our Shirley.

You can book into that by contacting    
   Livingstone Community Centre : ---
   1 Livingstone Street, Ivanhoe, 3079
    Tel: 03 9497 2014

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