Monday, 16 May 2011

Fair trade stalls

One of the benefits of our collaboration with Livingstone Community Centre has been the addition of Fair Trade stalls to our market. This has been an exciting development with the view to expanding the range of stalls.

So far we've welcomed:

DAUGHTERS COLLECTION. Daughters of Cambodia NGO was established in 2007 by Ruth Elliott, in response to the horrifying reality of girls being sold into the sex industry. Daughters provides employment in fair-trade business and a range of support services.

Daughters Collection includes kitchen linen, table linen, cushions, bags, jewellery, hats, scarves, purses and other fashion accessories, made with locally sourced eco-friendly materials including handwoven cotton, dyed naturally using forest fruits. The collections is sold by volunteers, all profits are reinvested in the work of the organisation in Cambodia.

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CARPETS FOR COMMUNITIES. Carpets are made in Cambodia from recycled T-Shirt material and rice sacks. All proceeds from these rugs go back to Cambodia to help mothers break the cycle of poverty for their children.

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BLESSED LIFE. Set up by Stephanie Woollard to helps women in Nepal run viable businesses manufacturing and selling a range of winter clothing, further development is hoped to help women become community leaders and improve their lives.

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As you can see I've had fun checking out the stalls. The work is terrific and varied, the quality is wonderful.

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