Monday, 13 September 2010

Leaves and Lotions

We have lots of lovely stallholders at Ivanhoe, one of the joys of being a stallholder there. One of our newer stallholders is Angie. She delighted us all in August with beautiful chocolates to help celebrate our birthday. I'm quite partial to her teas!

Leaves and Lotions

A little bit about Me!

Several years ago I discovered I am sensitive to the rays from the sun when they hit my skin. This discovery got me thinking hard about some of the everyday products I put on my skin through washing and moisturising. These items were meant to be positive and therapeutic and yet they all contained chemicals! I knew this had to change and that’s where my journey began.
Having studied the benefits and researching into oil use and natural products, I began creating my own. At first just for myself and my family, to then being able to offer these goodies to others such as you – to help benefit the mind, body and spirit! I try my best to keep my products affordable for everyday use through low overheads and simple packaging – I will not compromise on quality!
A little note:
I believe in holistically helping to heal the Earth and those living on it by (where possible) using recyclable packaging and sustainable materials.

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